Indian Pueblo Feast Days


Pueblo Feast Days Santa FeAmerican Indians lived on the lands of modern-day New Mexico long before Spanish settlement in the 1500’s.  With such a long history in these lands, the Native American’s timeless traditions, arts and beliefs continue to enrich the state today, and make it the fascinating place that it is known to be.  The Pueblo’s–Spanish word for townsof  New Mexico are the oldest tribal communities in the country, and are richly historic communities of people who continue to practice the time-honored traditions, beliefs and practices of their ancestors.  Each Pueblo is a self-governing community with distinctive traditions, ceremonies, beliefs, and languages.   Throughout New Mexico, there are 19 different Pueblo’s still in existence, including the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos north of Santa Fe.  These historic communities open their towns to visitors throughout the year whom are seeking a meaningful experience of Pueblo culture and traditions. This winter, take the opportunity to visit an ancient Pueblo during the Pueblo Feast Days, and experience for yourself the ways in which these remarkable cultures retain a strong connection with their past.  Stay at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast this winter, and don’t miss the chance to experience winter dances and feast days at our regional Pueblo’s.   Read More

Unwind at a Santa Fe Spa This Winter


Santa Fe SpaWhen you think of New Mexico, you probably picture yourself in uncomfortable heat with the sun pounding down on you.  Desert climates tend to carry negative, and often incorrect, stigmas.  So this winter, we invite you to discover a different side of New Mexico; one where there is an oasis of sacred springs and world-renowned spas, rich with traditional and Native-inspired services. Here, the unexpected opportunities to be restored and rejuvenated are delightfully countless.  The legendary restorative powers of Santa Fe will revitalize your soul, leaving you refreshed and recharged for another year.  Winter is the perfect time to take time out of your busy life, and to stay with us at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast. Take a step back in time, connect with New Mexico, and discover the magical, healing properties of winter at a Santa Fe spa. Read More

Join The Farolito Walk on Canyon Road


Canyon Road Farolito Walk Santa FeDecember is one of the most festive and magical times of the year to visit Santa Fe.  If you’ve been wanting to experience The City Different firsthand, then now is the perfect time to plan your escape.  Boasting an average of 300 days of sun each year, Santa Fe’s blue skies will inspire those who venture here.  No matter what it is you’re looking for this winter, whether it’s outdoor recreation, ample and diverse shopping, enjoyment of the arts, or a magnificent dinner at our many restaurants, when you give yourself the unique gift of a Santa Fe holiday, you are giving yourself an unforgettable adventure.  Winter in Santa Fe is a magical season comparable to no other.  Santa Fe’s rich and vibrant culture shines throughout the many wonderful holiday festivities that take place throughout the city.  However, none of the spectacular holiday traditions are more special, nor more magical, than the annual Canyon Road Farolito Walk. Stay with us at the Four Kachinas Inn Bed and Breakfast, and marvel in the magic that surrounds you on this special night.

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Winter Art Markets in Santa Fe


Santa Fe Indian MarketThe type of art produced in Santa Fe is as widely diverse as the people that live here. Santa Fe is a historic and colorful city, influenced deeply by Native American, international folk art, and contemporary arts.  Within Santa Fe, there are a number of ways to interact with art, and the artists that call this community home.  Walk the halls of Santa Fe’s world-class museums, or visit some of the 250+ art galleries lining Canyon Road, Lincoln Avenue, or the Railyard District.  For a more personal and engaging experience, there is nothing better than heading to a local art market, where you can see and purchase goods made by local artists, and often meet the artists themselves.  Santa Fe is a legendary trading center, dating back to the days of early explorations.  While many of the popular Santa Fe Markets occur during the summer months, the winter months provide you with yet another wonderful chance to experience this aspect of Santa Fe’s culture; the winter art markets.  Book your stay with us now, so you don’t miss your chance to experience these one of a kind experiences in Santa Fe. Read More

Santa Fe Cooking Class


Santa Fe cooking classIf you haven’t already experienced the world-renowned cuisine of Santa Fe, then this fall or winter is the perfect time to escape to the city different for a culinary experience you’ll never forget.  In recent years, it’s no secret that Santa Fe has earned itself a stellar reputation from foodies the world-over.  The rich cultural diversity of Santa Fe, which has melded Anglo, Hispanic, & Native American cultures together, has created a fusion of flavors unique to the Southwest.  The the legendary and innovative flavors of Santa Fe, especially those involving our local chile, will please your taste buds from first bite.  While here in Santa Fe, delight your senses at the more then 200 restaurants, which specialize in everything from traditional New Mexican home cooking to contemporary fine dining to local farm to table discoveries.  If you’d like to take your food journey to the next level, then we have just the experience for you.  Stay with us this fall or winter, and try your hand at making some of our delectable cuisines in a cooking class at the famous Santa Fe School of Cooking. Read More

Santa Fe daytrip Itineraries, Part 1


Santa Fe daytripIn an earlier post, we discussed some fantastic Santa Fe Daytrips to the northern region, but these aren’t the only magnificent Santa Fe daytrips at your disposal.  At Four Kachinas Inn, we’ve also put together 3 additional daytrip ideas for you to enjoy; one to the west, to the east, and one down south.

Our Santa Fe daytrip to the west takes you through the ruins of an ancient civilization, a high-tech research center (birthplace of the atomic bomb), traditional Pueblos, and the collapsed center of a long-dormant volcano.  Here, you’ll find the San Ildefonso Pueblo, the Bradbury Science Museum, and an abundance of outdoor recreation.  The recreational highlights include Bandelier National Monument, where you’ll find thousands of ancestral pueblo dwellings among the pink mesas and sheer-walled canyons, and Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.  Valle Grande is one of the largest collapsed volcanic calderas in the world, and is the perfect place to experience the solitude of the Santa Fe outdoors.  End your day relaxing in the mineral waters of Jemez Springs. Read More

Santa Fe Day Trip Itineraries, Part 2


Santa Fe daytripSometimes, there is no better way to get a feel for the land your visiting than to hit the road for a good old-fashioned daytrip.  It’s often the best way to discover the magnificent landscape and diverse cultures surrounding beautiful Santa Fe.  From our luxurious bed and breakfast, a Santa Fe daytrip to nearby Taos, Abiquiú, Chama, Los Alamos, Madrid, Pecos or Las Vegas are just a hop, skip and a jump away.  Book your stay at Four Kachinas Inn, and take the time to travel north of Santa Fe for a unique cultural, historical, and geological experience. Read More

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta


Santa Fe wine and Chile FiestaOver the past few years, Santa Fe, home to more than 200 restaurants, has earned itself a wonderful reputation as a foodie paradise, where the creativity famous to Santa Fe extends to your plate.  Santa Fe cuisine is widely varied, ranging from local New Mexican flavors to creative Southwestern cuisine to authentic world cuisines.  There is, however, no food more popular and well known to Santa Fe as the green chile.  The legendary and innovative flavors of Santa Fe cuisine, including our local chile, will astound you and leave you hungering for more.  Keeping Santa Fe on the map as a world-class culinary destination is a central mission to our popular Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta.  This fabled wine and chile fiesta is truly a taste of history.  It combines wine, with New Mexico being the oldest wine growing region in the United States, and the defining ingredient of this region’s cuisine, the New Mexico chile, into one unforgettable event.  Book your stay at our well-appointed Santa Fe bed and breakfast now, so you don’t miss your chance to experience this amazing culinary event. Read More

Santa Fe Tours


Santa Fe TourSanta Fe is one of the country’s most famous walking cities.  There is so much to do and see in Santa Fe, and walking around can be one of the best ways to get your lay of the land.  With our expansive turquoise skies and endless sunny days, we can’t think of a better city to explore on your own two feet.  Hit the streets with a knowledgeable, fun and friendly guide, or walk Santa Fe at your own pace.   Try a fun and informative walk with a local professional historian, where you’ll learn about the fascinating history, art and architecture of our unique city.  You’ll maybe even hear a spine-tingling ghost story or two.  Or simply meander through the winding streets to admire the charming adobe shops, homes and historic buildings along the way, as you create your own Santa Fe tour.  It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for; you can find it in Santa Fe.  Our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast is situated perfectly near the historic center of town.  Book your room with us now, and take this opportunity to enjoy one of our many walking Santa Fe tours. Read More

The Railyard


The Railyard History

Santa Fe RailyardThe Railyard, located on Guadalupe between Montezuma and Cerrillos Rd., has long been a focal point for transportation in Santa Fe.  Over 100 years ago, in the year 1880, the Santa Fe Railway Company pulled its first train into the Santa Fe depot, putting an end to horse and wagon travel along the Santa Fe Trail.  The railroad brought tourists and new residents, including artists hired by the rail line to draw and photograph images of Santa Fe, designed to entice faraway Easterners to come see the West.  New neighborhoods were created around The Railyard to house the workers and their families, leading Santa Fe’s Railyard to become a center of activity of  Santa Fe.  The Railyard stayed a central hub until rail transportation gradually gave way to modern day highways and airports.  As seen in so many other locations around the country, Santa Fe’s station, tracks, equipment and surrounding neighborhoods began to decline with the decline of the railways themselves.  By 1987 it was designated as a neighborhood needing redevelopment. Read More