Santa Fe Day Trip Itineraries, Part 2


Santa Fe daytripSometimes, there is no better way to get a feel for the land your visiting than to hit the road for a good old-fashioned daytrip.  It’s often the best way to discover the magnificent landscape and diverse cultures surrounding beautiful Santa Fe.  From our luxurious bed and breakfast, a Santa Fe daytrip to nearby Taos, Abiquiú, Chama, Los Alamos, Madrid, Pecos or Las Vegas are just a hop, skip and a jump away.  Book your stay at Four Kachinas Inn, and take the time to travel north of Santa Fe for a unique cultural, historical, and geological experience. Read More

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta


Santa Fe wine and Chile FiestaOver the past few years, Santa Fe, home to more than 200 restaurants, has earned itself a wonderful reputation as a foodie paradise, where the creativity famous to Santa Fe extends to your plate.  Santa Fe cuisine is widely varied, ranging from local New Mexican flavors to creative Southwestern cuisine to authentic world cuisines.  There is, however, no food more popular and well known to Santa Fe as the green chile.  The legendary and innovative flavors of Santa Fe cuisine, including our local chile, will astound you and leave you hungering for more.  Keeping Santa Fe on the map as a world-class culinary destination is a central mission to our popular Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta.  This fabled wine and chile fiesta is truly a taste of history.  It combines wine, with New Mexico being the oldest wine growing region in the United States, and the defining ingredient of this region’s cuisine, the New Mexico chile, into one unforgettable event.  Book your stay at our well-appointed Santa Fe bed and breakfast now, so you don’t miss your chance to experience this amazing culinary event. Read More

Santa Fe Tours


Santa Fe TourSanta Fe is one of the country’s most famous walking cities.  There is so much to do and see in Santa Fe, and walking around can be one of the best ways to get your lay of the land.  With our expansive turquoise skies and endless sunny days, we can’t think of a better city to explore on your own two feet.  Hit the streets with a knowledgeable, fun and friendly guide, or walk Santa Fe at your own pace.   Try a fun and informative walk with a local professional historian, where you’ll learn about the fascinating history, art and architecture of our unique city.  You’ll maybe even hear a spine-tingling ghost story or two.  Or simply meander through the winding streets to admire the charming adobe shops, homes and historic buildings along the way, as you create your own Santa Fe tour.  It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for; you can find it in Santa Fe.  Our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast is situated perfectly near the historic center of town.  Book your room with us now, and take this opportunity to enjoy one of our many walking Santa Fe tours. Read More

The Railyard


The Railyard History

Santa Fe RailyardThe Railyard, located on Guadalupe between Montezuma and Cerrillos Rd., has long been a focal point for transportation in Santa Fe.  Over 100 years ago, in the year 1880, the Santa Fe Railway Company pulled its first train into the Santa Fe depot, putting an end to horse and wagon travel along the Santa Fe Trail.  The railroad brought tourists and new residents, including artists hired by the rail line to draw and photograph images of Santa Fe, designed to entice faraway Easterners to come see the West.  New neighborhoods were created around The Railyard to house the workers and their families, leading Santa Fe’s Railyard to become a center of activity of  Santa Fe.  The Railyard stayed a central hub until rail transportation gradually gave way to modern day highways and airports.  As seen in so many other locations around the country, Santa Fe’s station, tracks, equipment and surrounding neighborhoods began to decline with the decline of the railways themselves.  By 1987 it was designated as a neighborhood needing redevelopment. Read More

Santa Fe Art


Santa Fe ArtExcitement is in the air as the art-filled, performance packed, full of fun summer of 2013 in Santa Fe New Mexico begins.  Santa Fe has long been known as an art and cultural destination.  This historic city is home to a colorful journey of Native American art, international folk art and contemporary art suitable for all tastes. Those visiting in search of amazing Santa Fe art can wander through the halls of the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Museum of contemporary Native Arts, or you can simply stroll through the more than 250 galleries found along Canyon Road, downtown Lincoln Avenue, and the Railyard District.  There is no better time than summer for art enthusiasts to visit the vibrant city of Santa Fe, so don’t miss your chance to experience this one of a kind city.  Book your stay at the Four Kachinas Inn now, and see for yourself why Santa Fe has been consistently ranked as one of the top art cities in the world. Read More

Santa Fe wine festival


Santa Fe Wine

Santa Fe WineWine is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Santa Fe.  That being said, New Mexico still has a long history of wine production.  Our warm sunny days and cool nights provide the perfect climate for growing certain varieties of wine.  Local wineries are earning awards at national and international competitions due to their elegant qualities.  The first vines were brought to New Mexico by the 17th century.  By the late 1800’s, New Mexico  was 5th in wine production in the US, producing approximately a million gallons of wine from 3,150 acres of vineyards.  Wine production struggled throughout the 1900’s, until a renewed interest in the region in the 1970’s.  Today, New Mexico boasts 46 wineries and tasting rooms, which produce 800,000 gallons of award-winning wine annually.  Some of this delicious Santa Fe wine can be tasted when you visit the beautiful wine bar and wine patio at Estrella Del Norte Vineyard, which houses over 65 varieties of Santa Fe Vineyards, Estrella Del Norte Vineyard, and Black Mesa Winery.  Each of the Santa Fe Vineyards wines capture the essence of this beautiful sun-kissed region, and feature labels made by well-known artists Amado Pena, Virginia Maria Romero, Carrie Fell and Bruce King.  Starting in June, you can take part in a cooking class at Estrella Del Norte Vineyard, where a chef from Santa Fe School of Cooking demonstrates cooking southwestern foods, and pairing the meal with some of our award-winning wines, all while you learn about the history of Santa Fe wine.  The Santa Fe School of Cooking also offers a variety of other specialty wine classes for the burgeoning wine enthusiast in you. Read More

Pueblo Indian villages; visiting the living past


Santa Fe PuebloThe ground that Santa Fe is built upon was originally inhabited by a number of Pueblo Indian villages. Many of these villages, built around 1050-1150, were abandoned 200 years before Spanish settlers arrived, leaving little modern day evidence of their existence.  Despite this, the indigenous population at the time of Spanish settlement in the 17th century was approximately 100,000 people scattered throughout 70 multi-storied adobe towns known as Pueblos.  Many of these surviving Pueblos are still in existence today.  As was common in these times, the Spanish settlers and missionaries attempted to subjugate and conquer the Native Pueblo Indians.  Ultimately, in 1680, the Pueblo’s revolted against the colonists, burning most of Santa Fe and occupying the region until 1692.  One of the few buildings that survived this destruction is the Palace of the Governors; still a central part of the historic Santa Fe Plaza.  Come see all of this amazing history and more, when you stay at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, located right in the heart of Santa Fe. Read More

Explore the rich tapestry of Santa Fe history


Santa Fe CultureHistory lovers rejoice!  Santa Fe is not only an amazing cultural destination, it also has a rich tapestry of history woven throughout its 400 years of existence.  Yes, you read that right.  At 400 years old, Santa Fe is our Nation’s oldest capital city, and the second oldest city overall! Centuries ago, the land was inhabited by Native Americans.  One of the earliest known settlements here was a Native American group, called the Pueblo people, who settled the area as a trade and commerce center somewhere between 1050 to 1150.  In 1610, Santa Fe became a Spanish colony, and was governed by them for 200 years.  Eventually it became a part of Mexico, and then in 1848, the United States. Shortly thereafter, thousands of American pioneers came west on the Santa Fe Trail.  These intersecting cultural influences are still evident today, where you can see the fusion of Anglo, Spanish, and Native cultures. Thanks to the rich Santa Fe history, US News ranks Santa Fe #5 as a historic destination.  It has also been ranked one of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  These accolades and more provide you with a great reason to come check out Santa Fe history for yourself!  Stay at our luxury Santa Fe bed and breakfast, and let the history lover in you explore the area’s preserved architectural traditions, historic sites, Indian Pueblos, and community celebrations such as the centuries old Fiesta de Santa Fe. Read More

Santa Fe’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail


Santa Fe’s Recipe for Adventure

Santa Fe’s Recipe for Adventure, a food-lovers guide to all things Santa Fe, is the perfect way to experience the rich food-centered culture of our area.  As a centrally located Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, Four Kachinas is the perfect place to start and end your gastronimical excursion through the region.  Here, you will find four hundred year old culinary traditions, from traditional Spanish and Native Cuisine, to inventive modern fusions unique to the Southwest.

At the center of our culinary excellence in Santa Fe is the New Mexican Chile.  With more chile peppers grown in New Mexico than all other states combined, we use these tasty red and green chiles in every food imaginable, from ice cream to enchiladas.  Dating back 6,000 years, green chiles have long been a staple food in New Mexican cuisine.  It wasn’t until the mid 1900’s, though, that the green chile took a different and wildly popular turn in Santa Fe cuisine. Read More

Holiday Music in Santa Fe


191What is the holiday season without music? Santa Fe has plenty of opportunities to enjoy your favorite holiday music while staying at Four Kachinas Inn. Luckily, all of these events are located downtown and are just a short walk from your accommodations.
The Santa Fe Desert Chorale’s Winter Festival runs from December 14th – 31st, 2012. Their Holiday Series features four different programs: “Carols and Lullabies”, “The Big Holiday Sing”, “The Lighter Side of Christmas”, and “A Toast to the New Year.” Because the Chorale performs at various venues, visit their website to see where each concert will be performed.
Santa Fe’s premier location for live music is the Lensic. Through the course of December, the Lensic will be hosting a wide range of artists who are in the holiday spirit! Beginning on December 10th with Aaron Neville and his quintet performing classic Christmas songs and selections from his latest gospel album. The Santa Fe Concert Association will be presenting a free concert by the Santa Fe Concert Band on December 17. Then, on Christmas Eve, hear child prodigy and piano virtuoso, Emily Bear with the Santa Fe Orchestra.

Concordia Santa Fe Wind Ensemble presents Duke Ellington’s jazzy interpretation of “The Nutcracker” at the St. Francis Auditorium at the New Mexico Museum of Arts. The ensemble will be performing on December 19th and 20th, 2012.