Experience the Santa Fe Film Festival


Santa Fe Film FestivalIt might surprise you to learn that Santa Fe is a tremendously popular destination for the film industry. Each year, there are a large number and variety of films and TV shows that pass through the Santa Fe area during their filming process. In fact, film has become such a big industry for New Mexico that there is even a trail called the New Mexico True Film Trail. If you think about it, New Mexico’s popularity as a filming destination makes perfect sense.  Here, we enjoy over 350 days of sunshine each year, and our lands are home to some of the most beautiful and diverse topography in the country.  The New Mexico film industry now spans over 100 years, and includes more than 600 productions.  While you can follow this trail and enjoy New Mexico’s involvement in the film industry at any time, there is perhaps no better time than this December, during the annual Santa Fe Film Festival.  Book your room with us now, and come immerse yourself in the incredible film culture of Santa Fe. Read More

Cooking Classes in Santa Fe


Cooking classes Santa FeIn recent years, Santa Fe has earned itself a stellar reputation from foodies the world-over.  If you haven’t yet had the distinct pleasure of eating out at the many world-renowned restaurants of Santa Fe, then this fall is a perfect time to remedy that.  During the beautiful fall and winter months, the top restaurants and attractions in Santa Fe are much less crowded, easier to get in to, and much more enjoyable.  The legendary and innovative flavors of Santa Fe are a fusion of the many distinct cultures that call this area home.  You’ll find a broad range of dishes here, including everything from traditional New Mexican home cooking to contemporary fine dining, to local farm to table movements.  From the moment you take that first bite, especially if that bite involves our legendary local chiles, you will have an unsatiable craving for more.  If that isn’t tantalizing enough to bring you to Santa Fe this fall, perhaps our broad range of cooking classes and workshops will be?  Santa Fe has a wonderful variety of cooking classes and workshops that will help you develop your love of great food, and will allow you to take a piece of your Santa Fe adventure home with you.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and join our local cooking classes so you can take your love of food to the next level. Read More

Santa Fe’s Best Shopping


Santa Fe ShoppingIf you’ve yet to experience the wonders of shopping in Santa Fe, then you in for an exquisite treat.  Here, you’ll find a wonderful assortment of boutiques, independently owned shops, and open air markets that are as unique and different as the city of Santa Fe itself.  Historically, Santa Fe was a major trade thoroughfare, bringing luxury goods to and from the American Southwest along the Santa Fe Trail.  Today, you’ll find a thoroughly modern city that has maintained this link to its rich past, still bringing shoppers an unprecedented variety of high quality Native American Art and other unique, handmade goods only found in Santa Fe.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and enjoy your shopping spree around this tasteful city. Read More

Hot Air Ballooning in New Mexico


Ballooning New MexicoFall has finally arrived here in Santa Fe.  The aspens are painting the hillsides in their characteristic golden hues, and the skies are soon to be dotted with majestic hot air balloons.  There is perhaps nothing more beautiful than a fall morning, when the skies above northern New Mexico are taken over by the mass ascension from balloons before the sun has fully risen.  Each fall, the skies above Albuquerque become alight with the glow of hot air balloons.  Rooms in Albuquerque and surrounding areas book up quickly, so to see or be part of the majestic and internationally acclaimed festival, don’t hesitate to book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Inn today. Read More

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta


Santa Fe Wine and Chile FiestaWe love any excuse to blog and wine and food in Santa Fe.  Santa Fe is one of the worlds most treasured destinations, with a huge repuation for spectacular food, excellent wines, and a vibrant atmosphere in which to enjoy all of this.  If you consider yourself a foodie, or just like to benefit from a thriving foodie culture with award-winning restaurants all around you, then Santa Fe should certainly be at the top of your travel list.  In Santa Fe, food is a sort of artistic expression, and is an extension of the colorful, vibrant, and artistic community that has called Santa Fe home for decades.  If you happen to also enjoy a good glass of wine, then the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta will give you the best of both worlds.  To take part in this spectacular annual festival, book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today. Read More

Santa Fe’s Farmers Market


Santa Fe Farmers MarketsSummer is in full swing here in Santa Fe, as evidenced by the variety of markets and festivals found throughout the city.  Since its beginnings, Santa Fe has been a legendary trading center for the Southwest, once used to bring essential and luxury goods to the Southwest, and also as a point of access to Native American goods.  For these reasons and more, Santa Fe has been hailed as a top shopping destination for years.  One of our favorite things to do in Santa Fe is to browse the local farmers markets for fresh seasonal produce, delicious locally made artisan goods, and other handcrafted works of art that can only be found at these smaller venues.  Book a room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, and experience the local Farmers Markets with us this summer. Read More

Antiquing in Santa Fe


Antiquing Santa FeIf you’re at all familiar with Santa Fe, then you know that The City Different is a spectacular shopping destination.  If you’ve yet to experience the wonders of shopping in Santa Fe, then you in for an exquisite treat.  With a wonderful variety of boutiques and independent shops to visit, Santa Fe is a true shoppers paradise.  If you’re looking for a unique way to spend some time shopping in the city, why not try a little antiquing?  Santa Fe is, after all, the country’s oldest capital city, and offers visitors a truly beautiful visual canvas from which to shop.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast now, and get ready for a journey like no other antiquing in Santa Fe. Read More

Plan For Your Summer Getaway in Santa Fe


santa fe summer getawayIf you’re still trying to plan your next perfect summer getaway, then Santa Fe is the destination for you.  It truly is a wonderful destination, with activities and attractions diverse enough to suit every style.  Getway to Santa Fe, and you’ll experience your days filled with delicious food, fascinating museums, exquisite shopping, a little music, relaxation, and even some exercise and fresh air.  Santa Fe’s nickname is “The City Different”, and that truly is what you’ll find here:  An experience so different, so unique, and so magical, that you’ll leave wondering when your next trip back will be.  Get your summer getaway started off on the right foot, and book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn today. Read More

Shop the Best Summer Markets in Santa Fe


Santa Fe Summer MarketSanta Fe was once a major trade thoroughfare, bringing luxury goods to and from the American Southwest.  The shopping opportunities in Santa Fe are still uncomparable, providing visitors access to an unprecedented variety of high quality Native American Art and other unique, handmade goods.  One of the most popular attractions in Santa Fe during the summer months are the outdoor summer markets that showcase the exquisite varieties of folk, Native American, contemporary, and other art from throughout the region.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and start planning your summer around these one of a kind summer art markets. Read More

Santa Fe Studio Tour: An Artistic Immersion


Santa Fe Studio TourThe city of Santa Fe has been well established for decades as a vibrant center for the arts and culture.  It has frequently been ranked as a top arts destination for travelers around the world, and is home to the 3rd largest arts market as well.  Throughout town, you’ll find over 300 beautiful and unique art galleries and art dealers to browse, as well as museums relating the history and culture of this diverse area throughout its centuries of existence.  The city of Santa Fe is inspiring in its beauty, and that is directly translated into the amazing world of art that you’ll discover here.  This June, join us for two art-filled weekends on the Santa Fe Studio Tour. Book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and experience Santa Fe’s art scene first hand. Read More