Things To Do in New Mexico: Day Trip Recommendations

If you want to experience Northern New Mexico outside of The City Different, there are many easy day trips available. On these trips you can see the scenic beauty of this region, sample locally produced food and wines, visit historic sites and artists studios and generally get a taste of the rich culture that still thrives in this area. Santa Fe makes a great central location for these excursions.

Indulge your sense of adventure and make trips to O’Keeffe country, visit one of our eight northern Native American Pueblos, experience the wild west and wilderness in Pecos, travel the turquoise trail, take the High Road to Taos, and explore the great outdoors at Bandelier, the Valles Caldera, Ghost Ranch or Tent Rocks. Just ask us for details on visiting these various nearby destinations.

There is no end to things to do in New Mexico … let the activities begin!