Everything You Need to Know About the Super Bowl in Santa Fe

Our gorgeous city of Santa Fe, NM, has a thriving culinary scene that begs to be explored during your travels. When you stay at Four Kachinas, you’re close to so many eateries you won’t know which to choose! Restaurants, cafes, and breweries await just around the corner, all offering something different and delicious. Plus, there are tons of culinary events that happen throughout the year! One of our favorites is the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe. Not only is this tasty event filled with soups made by some of the best chefs in the industry, it is also a way to give back to those in need. Every year, the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe ticket sales go towards paying for meals for the less fortunate!

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What is the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe?

If you consider yourself a foodie and enjoy supporting charities, the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe is the event for you! Every year, the Food Depot puts on this tasty and fun charity event. This festival features more than 25 local restaurants and their premier soups that you get to sample. Many of them specialize in farm to table cuisine, and all are delicious! The prestigious chefs of the restaurants compete in 4 categories during the competition: cream, savory, seafood, and vegetarian. At the end of the night, winning chefs will receive the “Best Soup of the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe” award.

About Food Depot

Ticket proceeds from the Souper Bowl in Santa Fe go towards the charity Food Depot. Each year, ticket sales raise enough money to cover the costs of hundreds of thousands of meals! The Food Depot brings produce and non-perishables once a month to those in need, mostly in the rural parts of New Mexico. Many of these families live far away from accessible grocery stores and have no way of getting fresh produce. Some are even unable to provide enough food for their families due to only working one job or being too old to work. Thankfully, the Food Depot has stepped in. They are always open to donations to help their cause, and host other charity events as well!

Stay With Us at Four Kachinas Inn

During your time in Santa Fe, stay with us at Four Kachinas for a charming bed and breakfast experience. Find a peaceful retreat at our downtown inn; we strive for it to be your home away from home! Enjoy our quiet courtyards and comfortable accommodations, all featuring Southwestern decor. Plus, you’re invited to join us for a delicious breakfast each morning to start your day off right! Whether you’re planning a couple’s retreat or a friends getaway, we have the perfect location and accommodations for you right here at Four Kachinas. We look forward to seeing you!