Why You Need to Experience the Santa Fe Opera House

Santa Fe’s rich culture reveals itself most magically during hot summer nights. From its Pueblo-style architecture to its vibrant restaurant scene, the New Mexico capital transports visitors to another world. To truly experience summer in New Mexico, a visit to the Santa Fe Opera House is a must. Just 15 minutes from Four Kachinas Inn, the Santa Fe Opera schedule begins in June and ends in August. Enjoy a romantic night under the New Mexico sky with beautiful music, gripping drama, and a stunning sunset view. Begin the night by picnicking in high class or at a preview dinner, then sit back under the stars and enjoy the show! A night at the Santa Fe Opera House is sure to be one you will never forget.

For more information on where to go in Santa Fe, download our free vacation guide. It features great summer activities like a night at the Santa Fe Opera House and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival!

Eating at the Opera

Indulge a little as you eat at the Santa Fe Opera House. Opera goers park their cars and set up the most tasteful picnic you will ever participate in. Many opera-goers arrive hours before the event to set up beautiful displays complete with tablecloths, candelabras, and fine wine, not to mention the food! You have the option to bring your own, or you can arrange to pick up a gourmet picnic.  Choices range from a delectable chilled wild salmon to thinly sliced rib eye steak. There is also the option to attend a preview dinner. This opera-themed dinner includes multiple courses, wine, and ends with a brief introduction to the evening’s show. Satisfy your hunger, sip some wine from one of the several venue bars, and get ready to enjoy a show!

Enjoy the Show

The first “show” you are likely to see is the night sky. During Santa Fe’s summer season, it’s common for the sky to light up with sunsets, rainbows, and distant lightning storms. Santa Fe Opera House’s prime location and open concept give an unforgettable view to go with an unforgettable performance. Santa Fe Opera House tickets are available on their website and let you choose from the seating chart during the process. No matter what seat, the drama of the show is sure to capture you. During the Santa Fe Opera 2017 season, there are five shows to choose from. Plan your stay at Four Kachinas around one of the shows! Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned opera lover, the Santa Fe Opera House will be an experience you’ll never forget.

After the Santa Fe Opera House, Return to Four Kachinas

After the show, retreat back to Four Kachinas Inn to continue enjoying the Southwestern culture. Relax and reminisce about the night in the Chimayo room after an experience like the Santa Fe Opera House. Located on the second floor, this spacious guestroom is adorned with Spanish Colonial art and furniture. The special touches are sure to remind you that you are in the heart of Santa Fe. After your restful night, discuss the previous day’s show over complimentary homemade breakfast. Then, head out to explore the rest of the city!