Santa Fe Cooking Class


cooking classesIf you haven’t already experienced the world-renowned cuisine of Santa Fe, then this fall or winter is the perfect time to escape to the city different for a culinary experience you’ll never forget.  In recent years, it’s no secret that Santa Fe has earned itself a stellar reputation from foodies the world-over.  The rich cultural diversity of Santa Fe, which has melded Anglo, Hispanic, & Native American cultures together, has created a fusion of flavors unique to the Southwest.  The the legendary and innovative flavors of Santa Fe, especially those involving our local chile, will please your taste buds from first bite.  While here in Santa Fe, delight your senses at the more then 200 restaurants, which specialize in everything from traditional New Mexican home cooking to contemporary fine dining to local farm to table discoveries.  If you’d like to take your food journey to the next level, then we have just the experience for you.  Stay with us this fall or winter, and try your hand at making some of our delectable cuisines in a cooking class at the famous Santa Fe School of Cooking.