Experience Santa Fe

Santa Fe has so much to offer, from its historic culture, natural beauty, and diverse landscapes, to its unparalleled galleries, shopping, and dining. Our attentive staff is always on hand to help maximize your visit to Northern New Mexico by assisting you in selecting and organizing your activities and outings. Follow the links below to see just some of the many options available in the Santa Fe area.

  • Spas and Fitness

    Spas and Fitness

    After a long day of skiing, hiking or sightseeing, allow yourself some relaxation at one of the several world-class health spas in Santa Fe.

  • Museums and Historical Sites

    Museums and Historical Sites

    Santa Fe is gifted with museums and historical sites of interest to most visitors.

  • Shopping


    Sophisticated shopping in an eclectic array of stores and boutiques is available throughout Santa Fe.

  • Hiking


    Surrounding Santa Fe is a diversity of hikes unequaled by any other area of the state.

  • Wine


    New Mexico is one of the oldest wine producing regions in America. Spanish missionaries planted the first vines in the Rio Grande valley in southern New Mexico in the late 16th century.

  • Golf


    Clear, fresh mountain air, brilliant sunshine, spectacular mountain vistas that surround beautiful desert landscapes … this is what you’ll experience out on any of the diverse golf courses of New Mexico.

  • Summertime music events in Santa Fe

    Summertime music events in Santa Fe

    Besides the visual arts, Santa Fe also has a vibrant and diverse music scene.  This coming summer there will be plenty of live music to hear with a variety of festivals and special concerts.  Take a look at a few […]

  • Tours


    If you want to visit Santa Fe and the surrounding area but want to leave the navigating to others, there are numerous tour operators eager to help.

  • Outdoor Sports and Activities

    Outdoor Sports and Activities

    If you are seeking outdoor sports and activities to experience the peaceful beauty of the area and breathe some of the cleanest air in the country, Santa Fe has a lot to offer.

  • Scenic Train Rides and Travel

    Scenic Train Rides and Travel

    Travel by train has been a significant part of New Mexico’s history for over 100 years.  Today, some people still prefer train travel than airplanes and car trips.  The railroad allowsfor travellers to relax and enjoy the diverse scenery that […]

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