Day Trips

There is much to do and see in Santa Fe, but if you wish to explore the surrounding areas, we offer five day-trip itineraries to titillate your senses. Travel in any direction for a unique cultural, historical, and geological experience. See the homes and works of famous artists and native artisans. Travel our historically significant byways and visit towns created by ancient peoples. Explore our diverse landscapes, celebrated museums, and exquisite shops, galleries and restaurants. Let the sights and sounds of Northern New Mexico enchant you!

There is no end to things to do in New Mexico … let the activities begin!

  • Pueblo Indian villages; visiting the living past

    Pueblo Indian villages; visiting the living past

    The ground that Santa Fe is built upon was originally inhabited by a number of Pueblo Indian villages. Many of these villages, built around 1050-1150, were abandoned 200 years before Spanish settlers arrived, leaving little modern day evidence of their […]

  • Day Trip to the Northwest

    Day Trip to the Northwest

    See the landscapes of sandstone cliffs, tree-lined river beds and juniper covered foothills that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe and are reflected in her paintings.

  • Daytrip to the North

    Daytrip to the North

    This day trip will take you to the charming town of Taos, a culturally rich small town set against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the east and a spectacular mesa sliced by the meandering Rio Grande to the west.

  • Day Trip to the West

    Day Trip to the West

    This scenic trip winds through ruins of an ancient civilization, a high-tech research center (birthplace of the atomic bomb), traditional Pueblos, and the collapsed center of a long-dormant volcano.

  • Day Trip to the East

    Day Trip to the East

    This is "the other Las Vegas," a frontier railroad town that was part of the historic Old Santa Fe Trail. On the way to Las Vegas on I-25, visit the Pecos National Historical Park. Fishermen will find excellent fly-fishing along the Pecos River and hikers can enjoy the Pecos Wilderness area.

  • Day Trip to the South

    Day Trip to the South

    The Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway (also known as NM 14) takes you south from Santa Fe through old mining towns, scenic landscapes of wide-open prairies, to the mountaintops of the Sandia Mountains.

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