Enjoy A Summer of Santa Fe Art


Santa Fe ArtThere is always something happening within the art scene of Santa Fe, and for newcomers, knowing where to start or what to see can be more than overwhelming.  The history of Santa Fe’s artistic culture dates back to the New Deal Era, when artists were sent to the southwest to reinvigorate the economy. Today, Santa Fe ranks as the 3rd largest art market in the country, and is home to over 300 art galleries and dealers as well as several wonderful art museums worthy of exploration.  The types of art found in Santa Fe are as diverse as the artists that live and produce here.  Browse through the galleries of Canyon Road or the Railyard district, and you’ll find a variety of art to look at, including Native American Art, International Folk Art, as well as a variety of contemporary art.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and get ready to dive into the world of Santa Fe art. Read More

Sip Your Way Along the New Mexico Wine Trail


New Mexico Wine TrailNew Mexico is not always the first place that pops into your mind when you think of sipping your way through wine country, but we think you may want to reconsider.  In fact, New Mexico is the oldest wine growing region in the country, and it is high past time to come experience the unique and relaxing beauty of New Mexico’s wine country.  We can think of no better way to experience the history and deep cultural roots that are the bedrock foundation of life in Santa Fe. New Mexico’s wine trails offer a glimpse into the winemaking industry that New Mexico has perfected over hundreds of years. With a history so rich and wine so delicious, sipping your way along the New Mexico Wine Trail is sure to quench the thirst of any wine lover.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, and begin your journey into wine country just steps away from the bustling center of downtown Santa Fe. Read More

Spring Hiking in Santa Fe


Santa Fe hikingHiking through the hills and mountains surrounding Santa Fe during the spring is a thing of beauty.  The Santa Fe area is world-renowned for it’s pristine air quality, brilliant blue skies, and phenomenal opportunity for outdoor adventure.  Plan a spring getaway to Santa Fe, and you’ll be nestled amongst the southernmost Rocky Mountains, surrounded by 12,000 foot mountain vistas.  Tucked into the Rio Grande Valley, Santa Fe is surrounded by over 1.5 million acres of juniper, aspen, and Pinon begging to be explored.  If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then book your stay at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and start exploring the wonderful hiking trails found here. Read More

Experience the beauty of the Santa Fe Opera


Santa Fe OperaSanta Fe is a city beyond measure:  It’s magical, exuberant, and colorful, as any visitor will tell you. Santa Fe is a city rich with culture, arts, and history, which have been developed and cultivated over its over 400 years of existence.  As most visitors to The City Different know, Santa Fe is a city with a dynamic love of art, and has been recognized internationally as one of the world’s great centers for the visual and performing arts.  At Four Kachinas Inn, we think every one of our guests should experience this unique, artistic beauty found throughout our city.  One of the most popular activities to do in Santa Fe is to catch a performance of the Santa Fe Opera, located at the stunning Crosby Theatre.  Reserve your room at the Four Kachinas Inn today, and start planning your amazing journey into the artistic world of Santa Fe now.   Read More

Experience Santa Fe Culture at our Destination Bed and Breakfast


Santa Fe CultureIt can sometimes be hard to adequately describe the great city of Santa Fe to those that have never experienced it.  There is so much to see and do in The City Different, that it will surely require more than one or two trips.  Unlike many other cities throughout the country, a visit to Santa Fe is sure to be magical and full of excitement at any time of the year.  Santa Fe is overflowing with history and culture, which is ultimately what led this fascinating city to be declared the top cultural getaway in the country by Travel and Leisure Magazine.  If you’re looking for a one of a kind getaway, then there is no better time to book your room at our destination bed and breakfast in Santa Fe. Read More

Explore Our Santa Fe Winter Playground


Santa Fe WinterIf the cold, gray winter weather is starting to feel oppressive, then now may be the perfect time to fly south for the winter and explore the wonderful Santa Fe winter playground.  It really doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Santa Fe; all four seasons have plenty to offer.  In Santa Fe, you’ll be greeted by 320 days of sunshine, brilliant blue skies, and some of the purest air in the world.  There are more than 30 miles of scenic hiking trails suitable for year-round hiking, and during the winter there is also choice skiing, ice skating, and snow shoeing.  If the inexhaustible Santa Fe winter playground isn’t for you, then there are still plenty of other activities to lure you to a Santa Fe Winter.  Don’t miss your opportunity this year!  Book your winter getaway to Santa Fe now at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast. Read More

Savor the Flavors in Santa Fe Restaurant Week


Santa Fe Restaurant WeekIt’s no secret that Santa Fe is a food lovers paradise, with a reputation for legendary and innovative flavors stemming from a fantastic mix of cultural influences.  February is upon us, and for many Santa Fe residents and frequent visitors, that means it’s time to let our taste buds do some exploring around town. The 2014 Santa Fe Restaurant Week is here; an annual tradition perfect for the food lover in you.  That’s right, the most delicious week of the year is back, with even more ways to experience the incomparable cuisine of the City Different.  Santa Fe boasts more than 200 restaurants, ranging from our local New Mexican flavors to creative Southwestern cuisine to authentic world cuisines.  You’ll find it all here, and you’ll quickly discover why so many visitors have fallen in love with Santa Fe.  Four Kachinas Bed and Breakfast is ideally located in the heart of Santa Fe, making it the perfect destination for your next Santa Fe vacation.  Book your room now, start making your restaurant reservations, and don’t miss this years Restaurant Week!   Read More

Celebrate at ARTfeast in Santa Fe


Santa Fe ARTfeastSanta Fe is a city with a passion for the finer things in life.  Over the years, Santa Fe has become a foodie paradise, renowned for its culinary creativity and innovative flavors. Here, you’ll find a city that boasts over 200 restaurants serving everything from traditional New Mexican home cooking to contemporary fine dining to local farm to table discoveries. When in Santa Fe, be ready for your tastebuds to embark on an exquisite journey. But there’s more to Santa Fe than the food. There’s the art; art that is as dynamic and vibrant as the community from which it is produced.  Santa Fe is truly an artist’s city, a legacy that dates back most recently to the New Deal Era, when President Roosevelt commissioned artists to produce works to be displayed in public buildings.  Now, imagine these two amazing worlds coming together.  Every winter in Santa Fe, the culinary and art scenes collide for one massive event called ARTfeast.  Book your stay at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast this winter, when you join us for this fantastic fusion of culture. Read More

Indian Pueblo Feast Days


Pueblo Feast Days Santa FeAmerican Indians lived on the lands of modern-day New Mexico long before Spanish settlement in the 1500’s.  With such a long history in these lands, the Native American’s timeless traditions, arts and beliefs continue to enrich the state today, and make it the fascinating place that it is known to be.  The Pueblo’s–Spanish word for townsof  New Mexico are the oldest tribal communities in the country, and are richly historic communities of people who continue to practice the time-honored traditions, beliefs and practices of their ancestors.  Each Pueblo is a self-governing community with distinctive traditions, ceremonies, beliefs, and languages.   Throughout New Mexico, there are 19 different Pueblo’s still in existence, including the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos north of Santa Fe.  These historic communities open their towns to visitors throughout the year whom are seeking a meaningful experience of Pueblo culture and traditions. This winter, take the opportunity to visit an ancient Pueblo during the Pueblo Feast Days, and experience for yourself the ways in which these remarkable cultures retain a strong connection with their past.  Stay at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast this winter, and don’t miss the chance to experience winter dances and feast days at our regional Pueblo’s.   Read More

Unwind at a Santa Fe Spa This Winter


Santa Fe SpaWhen you think of New Mexico, you probably picture yourself in uncomfortable heat with the sun pounding down on you.  Desert climates tend to carry negative, and often incorrect, stigmas.  So this winter, we invite you to discover a different side of New Mexico; one where there is an oasis of sacred springs and world-renowned spas, rich with traditional and Native-inspired services. Here, the unexpected opportunities to be restored and rejuvenated are delightfully countless.  The legendary restorative powers of Santa Fe will revitalize your soul, leaving you refreshed and recharged for another year.  Winter is the perfect time to take time out of your busy life, and to stay with us at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast. Take a step back in time, connect with New Mexico, and discover the magical, healing properties of winter at a Santa Fe spa. Read More